4 Annoying Questions I Got Asked In Korea

4 Annoying Questions I Got Asked In Korea

In my last post, I sort of bad-mouthed my American peeps, and the silly questions I get asked about Korea. Now I think it’s time for me to do the opposite.

Again, I am in no way  bashing people in Korea. I know the truth hurts…but so did my brain after hearing these not so smart questions all the time.


1.Are all Americans fat?

Are all people in Korea thin? No. Yes, Korea definitely has a smaller weight average than we do, but not everyone is stick thin.

I was actually smaller than many Korean girls! Though my body is shaped a little differently, I was surprised. See, I can have my ignorant days too.

And if there are bigger/plus sized American people, so what! All shapes and sizes are beautiful, not just one.


2.What do American people usually eat? Hamburgers?

Though I enjoy a good hamburger and fries, it’s not alllll I or any other person eats. It’s more of a fast food or once in a while kinda food. Here again is another American stereotype.

Now I know some Korean people don’t know any better, but America is a melting pot. Though we may all be Americans, we are all divided into our own sub cultures.

So when you ask me what Americans eat, you’re pretty much asking me what all Asians eat, which is different for each group.

When I explain this to them, they are usually surprised. Then I tell them a bit about my culture and what me and my family eat.


3.Are you from Africa?

This only happened a few times, and it was usually only by older people. 99.8% of the time people figured I was American.

Though there is nothing wrong with being from Africa! I obviously have African roots, but the fact that you ask me that because of my skin color is annoying.

Here’s a conversation I had with one guy after I was already annoyed and not having a good day…

Old Guy: Are you from Africa?

Me: No I’m not from Africa, I’m actually American. You do know what black people live in America too right? Not everyone is white and has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Old Guy:


It helped that I could speak enough Korean to call out people for their ignorant behavior when I felt the need, but on that specific day, I was especially annoyed.

I also understand that older people do not know as much about other countries as younger people, but still, you could at least ask and not assume.


Do you have a perm?


Though some people in Korea have wavy hair (not really wavy by the American standard), for the most part everyone’s natural hair is straight. So, when people want the wavy/curly look, they get a perm.

I wore my hair both straight and curly, but every time I wore it curly I would always get asked if I got a “perma“, no that’s not a typo, that’s how it’s pronounced in Korea.

They were always amazed when I told them that this was my natural hair, they just couldn’t fathom it. I mean I get it, but not everyone on this earth is born with straight hair. There are many different textures and even colors.

Just like I said  in the other post, this is all in fun. I loveee Korea and all, but questions like these can be very annoying. Korea is a tiny country and a country that doesn’t have much diversity, so these questions are bound to come up.

I totally understand why they ask, and I am glad that I could enlighten and educate many people about my culture. I just hope that in the future Korea becomes more open-minded (a whole ‘nother topic) and starts to learn about other cultures as well.




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