5 Things That Go Through Your Mind On Sunday Before Work

5 Things That Go Through Your Mind On Sunday Before Work

Mondays!!! Everyone’s favorite day right?!…NOT.

As I sit here on a Sunday evening, I write this post from my sad and cold wondering why weekends are so short heart.

1.Is it really Sunday already? What the hell happened to the weekend?!

I swear this happens everyyy weekend. I really need this question answered. There’s something fishy going on here!

2.Who made this “weekend” schedule and why is it only 2 days!

I’m not counting Friday as the weekend because we still have to go to work. They could have at least given us another day…or four.

3. Do I really need this job? Happiness is more important than money right?

Yes and no. Though happiness is always most important…it’s also pretty important to eat and have a place to live…right?…

4. I should stop complaining because at least I have a job right?

No! Complain to your heart’s content. Maybe you shouldn’t listen to me since I complain a lot, but with good reason…I think lol.

While it is true that you should be happy for having a job, some aren’t so lucky…that doesn’t mean your struggle or feelings don’t matter. Sometimes everyone needs to vent away the frustrations of work.

5. Maybe I should take a “sick” day?

I mean though they’re called “sick” days sometimes they’re more like mental health days, which could count as sick too right? Honestly they really need to make “mental health” days a thing everywhere. Or maybe they could make “sick of the BS I go through here” days.

6. Am I forcing it, maybe work isn’t that bad.

Yeah maybe I’m just feeling a little tired and lazy. Maybe it’ll actually be good tomorrow!

*Goes to work on Monday morning*




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