Adventure Day – Downtown Boston

Adventure Day – Downtown Boston

Monday was such an amazing day. It was a day filled with some of my favorite things: shopping, hanging out with my Mom, meeting new people, people watching, and acts of kindness.

I had originally just planned to meet my Mom for lunch. I’ve been craving falafels since the first time I bit into one…last week lol. Don’t get me started on how great they are. My Mom introduced me to them and the place that has become my new favorite place, Falafel King. It’s in downtown Boston and by the crowds it is obviously loved by everyone. The staff is so friendly and nice, and while you’re waiting in line for your plate to be prepared, they give you a free falafel dipped in humus to eat. This could easily turn into a food post, but I’ll end by saying, if you haven’t tried falafels yet, you need to asap. They’re good and also very healthy and you’ll fall in love.

After we ate, I decided to wait for my Mom to get off work so we could look in a few stores together and have some Mother/daughter time. In the meantime, I decided to go in Primark.

I’m not sure if its because it was the day of the Boston Marathon, but it was packed. I stayed in there for about an hour, though it felt more like 20 minutes. I happened to find a few nice things.

Bag $14, Shirt $10, Choker $4.50, Rings $4.50.

This isn’t my first post mentioning Primark, but like I said before I love that store! Though I usually end up buying bags, accessories, shirts, and home items from Primark, they have a huge array of items that will definitely catch your eye.

I then decide to go for a little walk through Boston Common to the Boston Public Garden. Things quickly changed as I reached the entrance to the Boston Public Garden, and saw hordes and hordes of people coming toward me.

During the Spring and Summer, the Gardens are always a little crowded, but nothing like this. This was definitely because of the Marathon. I just quietly turned around and decided to head back to the Commons and find somewhere to sit and just people watch for awhile.

I’ve always liked people watching. It sounds a bit creepy lol, but it can actually be pretty entertaining. There are sooo many different kinds of people in this world, and when you people watch you get to experience a piece of that. From seeing families and their cute children, to music artists busking and playing music on the street, to people laying down basking in the nice weather while they can, to a father running after his faster than a cheetah baby, to high school students joking around and having fun with their little independence. There is so much to see around you once you stop and take a look.

As I sat on the bench I snapped this picture of my shoes. I’ll make a post about my fantastic DSW haul another day, but I got these beauties on sale for $10! An older gentleman that was sitting on the same bench as me, asked me if I was a photographer. I laughed and told him I wasn’t but that I am a blogger and just like taking pictures. Only then did I notice his attire and silver thermal blanket.

We got to talking and it turns out that he was from Italy. This was his second time running the Boston Marathon, and he pretty much travels around the world and runs a bunch of marathons! I can’t even run down the street let alone a marathon! It was nice chatting with him, he was such a nice, sweet, and down to earth person!

It started to get a little cloudy and chilly, but I really wanted to take a picture of something other than my feet lol. I turned around and saw this view and thought it was good enough. It looks a bit empty, but once summer hits you won’t even be able to see any grass at all. The 200 Clarendon Street building is probably my favorite building in Boston. I love the height, shape, and all the beautiful glass windows.

After that I met up with my Mom again, and we did a little shopping at DSW. I got two pairs of amazing shoes that were both on super super super sale. One was $9 and the other $11, I was in heaven! As I was sitting  and waiting for my Mom to finish trying on her shoes, an angel came over to me and gave me a $20 off coupon. The coupon expired that day, since the woman couldn’t find anything and so it didn’t go to waste, she gave it to me. I was so thankful! She saved me and my Mom $20! Thanks again angel lady lol. On days like those, it reminds me that there are still nice people in the world.

All in all Monday was a great day. I love mini adventure days like these. They’ll be a lot more adventure posts coming up!

What kind of adventures have you been on lately?


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