The Best Eye Shadow Palettes – Juvia’s Place!

I wasn’t always into eye shadow. I just saw it as an extra step to my make up routine that I probably wouldn’t do right anyway. I loved seeing other girls and their shimmery/colored lids but I just kind of accepted that it wasn’t going to be me.

That was until the fall of last year. I was sick of living the plain lid life and I wanted something more! That’s when I started doing research on eye shadows and different palettes. After talking to some friends and watching a load of youtube videos I had it down to the Naked and Smashbox palettes.

I was leaning toward Naked. That was until I heard a new and amazing name for the first time…Juvia. The palette pictured below is the Juvia’s Place Nubian Palette. Before I get into the details can we just take the time to look at how beautiful this palette is! Of course the colors are beautiful, but look at that artwork! Yes this palette will have you looking like a queen!

I don’t remember exactly how or where I found Juvia’s Place, but I’m happy I did! Once my interest was sparked, I started looking at reviews on google and watched a bunch of YouTube reviews and swatches.

One thing that caught my eye was the vividness of the colors. As a woman of color, it can be kind of tricky when it comes to eye shadow. Unfortunately not all shades and shadows are created equal, so a color that may show up on one person may barely show up on another. Juvia’s palettes don’t have that problem at all! They go on all skin tones beautifully and feel so nice and smooth on your skin.

My first palette was actually the Nubian 2 palette. It’s included in my older post of things I had my amazing mother send to me when I was in Korea. That palette is gorgeous and very colorful, but I wanted something a little more simple that I could use for everyday makeup.

I use this palette everyday! Though the colors aren’t as bright as the other three palettes you can still make some gorgeous combinations. I have fun just messing around with the colors and seeing how my makeup will come out that day.

Juvia’s place is veryyy reasonable. The above palette was only about $25. It’s worth every penny! Right now they have 4 palettes out and sometime this year I will definitely be purchasing the other two!

Have you tried any palettes from Juvia’s place yet? What’s your favorite one?

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