Colors On My Lippy Lip Lips

Living in Korea, it isn’t always easy finding darker lipsticks/tints/stains/or glosses. 🙁 It especially stinks as fall inches closer and closer when the dark colors really start to emerge. Yes we do have foreign stores like MAC in Korea, but if you thought MAC was expensive in the states…you don’t even wanna know how much it is here. 😮

Sooo I was ecstatic when I found this lipstick from a beauty store called Tony Molly! This is actually the darkest lip color in their whole store, but I’m happy I could at least find one! It doesn’t have a color name but it is #9 from their “Spoiler Matte Lip Pencil” series.

Lasts for a decent amount of time but when it comes to eating or drinking forget it. That’s why you just bring it with you so you can reapply and look fly. 😉 Retails for like $7-$8. I would defintely recommend it! Especially to girls living in Korea who want a darker lip shade but don’t want to spend too much.


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