Current Obsession – Rings

Every once in awhile I get these sort of obsessions. Last year was the choker obsession…which is still in full effect by the way. It also included the eye shadow and matte lipstick obsession as well. Though these things aren’t new to many, even to myself. Sometimes you just overlook stuff or don’t really care about it at the moment. Then all of a sudden it’s everything you want and need! The latest addition onto my list of fascinations are…rings!

I honestly love all accessories and everything about their styling properties. An outfit could look plain and simple, which isn’t a bad thing. If you’re interested in stepping it up a bit, with the right accessories it could become something completely different and amazing.

These specific rings are from Primark and came all together for only $5! I haven’t worn all of them together at the same time, and I probably won’t lol. I usually just wear two or three, but if you like wearing a ring on every finger then go for it! I feel like rings just make your hands look more delicate and cuter.

I’m not gonna lie though. When my nails aren’t done and are looking a hot mess, I tend to stay away from rings. But once my nails are done BAM! They’ll defintely draw attention to your hands/nails but don’t let that stop you from wearing them!

I love silver and gold, but with jewelry in general I tend to like silver more. For some reason I feel like it goes with everything and is way more versatile.

Half of the rings that came in the set are knuckle/midi rings. They definitely look pretty when you find the perfect combination for your hand, but they’re not my favorite.

To me they are always a distraction. I always feel like it’s just a ring that isn’t on all the way and that it’ll end up falling off at any moment. I find myself constantly checking to make sure they’re still there.

All in all, I’m in love with rings right now. They give cute spring/summer outfits that nice final touch. There are so many different colors, styles, shapes. I’m sure there’s a ring for everyone!

Are you into rings? Do you prefer silver or gold colors?


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