Why Fenty Beauty is Worth All the Hype!

Why Fenty Beauty is Worth All the Hype!

For the past few months I had been looking for a new foundation, preferably matte to help with my combination skin.

Though there are plenty of foundations out there, I could never find the right one for me.

I was becoming quite annoyed trying to find a shade that suited me, making sure the undertone wasn’t too orange or red, and making sure that it didn’t feel super heavy or cakey on my skin.

I was fed up with not being able to find what I wanted and more importantly needed. My last run in at Macy’s left me unimpressed.

Yet another fail for me, which was becoming the norm. I was about ready to give up…until I remembered that Rihanna was launching her makeup line Fenty Beauty soon.

I started to look into her teasers for her line and I was amazed!

The main thing that amazed me was all the shades!!! What brand do you know that has 40 different shades that also include different undertones as well?!

How is it that Rihanna, a singer, can pretty much make a shade for every woman before any mainstream company ever has?


Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

Before buying makeup, I always do extensive research and read/watch hundreds of reviews.

After hearing so many good things about the foundation I was so excited!

I headed over to Sephora hoping to find my color and hoping to fall in love with this foundation and add it to my foundation-less makeup shelf.

Once I got in Sephora, I saw a lottt of peeps by the Fenty Beauty products. It was a few days after launch, but there were still quite a few people getting matched, testing, and browsing through her products.

Though I knew about and had saw pictures of all the shades online, I was still taken aback by it in person. Especially by how many different shades there were for women of darker complexions.

The woman who helped me out was awesome. She tested 3 colors on me, because she told me that they do tend to dry darker. 420 was a perfect match for me and blended into my skin beautifully.

I know a lot of people have been saying this, but it really does feel like you have nothing on. Even though it is medium to full coverage (depending on how you apply it) it feels good, it feels like it’s your skin.

Though I have worn many different foundations and have always found shades that worked for me, this foundation feels like it was actually made for me.

It’s like I sat down with Riri and her makeup team and we chatted and discussed my wants and needs out of a foundation, and then in return, they made me this.

It’s also amazing to have so many shades with just as many undertones as well. There is really a lot to work with, and I would be highly surprised if you couldn’t find your match.

I have gotten quite a few compliments as well. I honestly feel extra beautiful with this on, it just gives you this gorgeous glow and it feels and looks like your skin.


Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer

In all honesty, I’ve never been a real primer girl. Earlier this year I did start using NYX’s first base primer, but besides that I never really thought I needed it.

After doing research, it turns out primer is actually a very important part of makeup that I’ve been skipping for all these years.

The more research I did, the more the need to “prep” your skin before applying makeup made sense.

It’s a pretty pale/light pink color and like everything in her line, it smells good lol.

It seems to do the job well and doesn’t leave you looking like casper with a white film on your face like some do.

People seem to love it, and I am planning on going without primer one day to see if I really see/feel a difference. I’m sure I will, and I’ll definitely appreciate it a bit more!


Gloss Bomb

What girl doesn’t like lip gloss? Or what girl didn’t like lip gloss? It does seem like more women have been pushing their lip glosses to the back of the makeup bag, in favor of lipsticks and lip stains. I know I have…

This lip gloss is so beautifulll and it smells amazing, I have to remind myself that it isn’t edible. Omg do you guys remember those edible lip glosses back in the day?! Ewww lol.

The thing I love is that she only made one gloss . I mean, of course I hope that in the future she comes out with more! But it’s commendable that she made one shade that everyone could wear and look beautiful in.

I’ve seen a lot of girls wearing it with a lip liner, which makes it pop and look sooo pretty. I’m definitely trying that soon, but even without it’s still very pretty.

Honestly I’m really impressed with Fenty Beauty. I still can’t believe this is Rihanna’s first go at her makeup line, she definitely seems like a pro to me.

And not just because she got her stuff together and really produced a high quality product which is important and admirable too.

I’m really impressed with her inclusion for all women of all shades and backgrounds. She really gets it.

I hope all of these other mainstream brands have been taking notes, because you definitely have a lot to learn from her.

Thanks Riri for making me feel beautiful! 🙂


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