My Hair and Why Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter…

My Hair and Why Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter…

I’ll never forget the day one of my idiotic friends “complimented” me on my hair. I wear my hair both straight and curly, depending on what I feel like wearing. Sometimes I’m in my curly phase and sometimes I’m in my straight phase, but I honestly love both.

At that specific time I had straightened my hair after a long period of wearing it naturally curly. I was meeting two friends for dinner, and as I greeted them, one of my friends said that they liked my hair…that’s where he should have stopped.

The next sentence was one that could warrant you a fist to the face in many places. He said that my hair “looked much better”.

What?! Much better?…Is he crazy? Did he have a death wish? In no specific order, these are the things that went through my mind.

1.Much better?! How dare you tell me that the hair that grows out of my head naturally isn’t good enough?

2.Who asked you? Your opinion is nice but I didn’t ask for it…

3.If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say nothing at all.

4.Are you paying for my hair or helping me in anyway with anything that has to do with my head? Nope…didn’t think so.

5.I never knew you were a hair expert? And before you talk about mine, you should probably do something about yours.

As you can see, I was very annoyed at the statement. I proceeded to open my mouth and probably set off a string of fire…

But then my other friend started to talk. She said “Tara looks good with both curly and straight hair. He’s stupid and ugly, don’t listen to him”. It made me laugh and made me feel like…

Plus it made him feel embarrassed and stupid.

He then tried to say something about not meaning it in that way and that he meant he just really liked it, and hadn’t seen my hair straight for a long time. Well you could have just said that in the first place dummy.

The point of the story is…don’t ever criticize someone for the hair on their head. People choose many different things, but the way our hair grows out of our head isn’t one of them.

I appreciate the fact that I can be so versatile. One week my hair might be all straight, and the next it might be all natural and kinky curly…but the choice is mine and not yours.

In general people need to be more careful on the little “compliments” they give, or just what they say in general. Remember that your opinion isn’t always needed or wanted. 😜

Has anyone ever gave you an annoying/backhanded compliment about your appearance?



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