Korean face masks

For years and years…actually more like centuries and centuries women have used many different products, especially for their faces to stay moisturized, smooth, wrinkle free, and young. Creams and lotions can be nice, but one thing that is very popular here in Korea are face masks. Back in my Korean drama watching days, I would always see them using masks and wanted to try one so bad! Though they make you look a little creepy/funny/monster-like, they are awesome! Right when they touch your face you can feel the moisture flooding your skin and seeping into your pores.


Face Mask Process:

-You should always cleanse your face before using any face mask. Any cleanser is fine!

-(Optional) If you use any kind of toner now would be the time! You definitely should use toner before the mask and not after.

-Mask time! Rip the package along the top carefully (you don’t want to rip the mask!) Take the mask out of the package and slowly unfold it. (again be careful, the masks are kind of thin and delicate)

-Put the mask on! The directions say to leave it on for about 15-20 minutes.

 -After 10 minutes the mask won’t feel as wet and will start drying up, because your skin is now taking in all that moisture. You may have to smooth it over a few times. (especially around the chin area)


-You can leave it on for longer than 15-20 minutes if you want to or at least until it feels dry. The directions say that after taking the mask off you should gently pat until it is fully absorbed, but I just let it air dry. It isn’t really necessary for you to put on any face lotion after this. Your face will feel super moisturized and maybe a little sticky but still good!

I honestly can’t get enough of these masks. They’re cheap ($1), easy, and work well! There are many different scents and also many different kinds that do different things for your skin. I think I might do another one tomorrow! 🙂


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