Mascara That Will Have You Feeling Like a New Woman!

Finding the perfect mascara can be a chore for many women. There are so many different brands and types that it can become a big headache. I’ve never been big on mascara. I mean I knew it was supposed to make your eyes pop and make your eyelashes look spidery lol. But whenever I tried to use it I only noticed a very very minimal difference, but nothing too drastic that really impressed me. That was until this past weekend when…the mascara gods came to me.

I happened to be in a make up store here called Olive Young with my friend (hey Gio lol). Somehow we got to talking about mascara and my friend told me about one that another friend of ours had recommended to her. This product is actually a Japanese product. I am currently residing in Korea (just for one more week after 3 years!) and Korea generally has a decent amount of Japanese products, so it’s pretty easy to find here. I’m not totally sure that they sell this in the States or other non Asian countries, but I have seen it online on Amazon for about $17. I’m not sure if that is expensive or not to you guys but it’s about what it costs here in Korea too, and also goes into paying a little more for things but getting amazing quality.

The brand is called Kiss Me Heroine Make and the specific mascara I got was the Long and Curl one. This brand has many different mascaras, and I’m sure they’re all great but this specific one does exactly what I need it to do for me. Makes my lashes longer and even curlier than normal.

I was a tad but skeptical at first, but my friend showed me how amazing her lashes looked and she also promised to show me how to apply it (we were going out for a night on the town later that night anyway so it was perfect timing). Here’s what I learned from her and from using this product for about a week now.

Tips for using:

  1. A little goes a long way with this mascara, you don’t need too much on the mascara brush/wand (whatever you call it haha).
  2. Like all mascaras for the best and longest results make sure you start at the base of your lashes so you can fully benefit from its elongating powers.
  3. Start at the end of your lashes and go in. After you do that let it dry a little bit and then go over it again and again using the same technique until they are popped out to your liking.
  4. Don’t forget that this mascara also curls so instead of just using the brush in an upward or wiggling motion, use it like you would a real curling iron and make sure you start at the base of your lashes.

I honestly really love this mascara and have been wearing it everyday since I bought it. If you’re looking for a mascara that really does what it says it does and isn’t too too too expensive, you might want to give this a try so you can get those disney princess eyes lol.


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