OOTD: Fall mixed with a bit of summer


Weather is a very funny thing, especially between September and October. The weather doesn’t know if it wants to be hot or cold, it doesn’t know if it wants to be humid or non humid. It honestly doesn’t know what it wants! It can be super hot and humid one day and then very chilly and cloudy the next. It’s like a roller coaster ride up and down up and down. -_-

This weather indecisiveness makes it extremely difficult to choose what to wear! Usually in the morning it’s cold, then during the afternoon it gets hot, and then at night it gets chilly again. When I’m getting ready for work nowadays, I swear I just stare in my closet seriously thinking “WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?”

Before getting dressed yesterday I looked at the weather app on my phone. (which barely helps) It said that it was going to be one of those typical days that were kind of hot during the day but chilly at night. It was hot enough to wear shorts, but I knew that later it would be chilly. I needed an outfit that would let me feel cool during the day but also feel warm at night (if that makes sense)…so I came up with this.



It’s not a super special outfit, but I think it’s cute! 🙂

I love love love this cardigan, I’m so happy fall/winter is coming so I can start wearing this again. I love the color and I also love the length, you can definitely dress this up or down. You can never go wrong with high waisted shorts. I’ve had this pair for a while now and I love them. They are pretty short, so if you’re not comfortable with short shorts, this outfit with the long cardigan is perfect for you! I grabbed the shirt one day when I was in dire need of a crop top, it was super cheap too! I have an obsession with choker necklaces, but I especially like this one because it is a little thicker than the normal ones but not as thick as the super super thick ones.

Long Cardigan & Choker: Forever 21

High Waisted Shorts: H&M

Crop Top: Bershka

What are some of your ideas/suggestions for summer to fall outfits? 🙂



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