OOTD: Olive and Burgundy

Yesterday was a cool kind of Spring day. It only went up to about 60 degress, but I refuse to wear an actual jacket jacket. I’m still trying to hold onto this Spring for dear life as much as I can!

60 degrees is actually pretty nice, but when you’re in downtown Boston surrounded by all the buildings and shade, it gets a little chilly.

Today I was in downtown Boston on Newbury Street and at Copley. I love the lively feel and vibe Spring creates, from people playing music/busking on the street to everyone walking around taking in the beautiful weather.

Olive and burgundy are two of my favorite colors for clothing, something about those colors give you an elegant edginess that plain or bright colors don’t. Last year everyone seemed to be #teamburgandy or #teamolive. Why not just put both of them together, which is what I did yesterday.

I wish I could have been super cute and worn the outfit as seen in the first picture, but so I didn’t freeze to death (yes I’m over-exaggerating) I topped it off with a jean jacket. I usually love my dark denim, but this color is the perfect mix of dark and light, it goes with everything.

The pants are actually from H&M in Korea. I don’t really know how to explain them lol. They are kind of like leggings made with silky/stretch material. The fit is amaizng, they hug me in all the right places.

As for my shoes, I wore my cute burgundy suede sneakers. I got these from Primark last year, and just wore them for the first time last month. They’re very unique and vibrant, and I always get numerous compliments on them.

For jewelry/accessories I went with a delicate lace style black choker that I love! Though this choker doesn’t go with everything, it was perfect for my outfit today! I chose black to match with/bring out the black in my shoes.

Though I can’t complain too much about the weather, I do secretly hope that we get back up to the 70’s/80’s sooner than later!


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