San Diego – Balboa Park

San Diego – Balboa Park

I know this post is a little late, and I fell off with my blogging a little bit…but I’m back now!

The day after my sun-filled beach day, we went to the beautiful Balboa Park. I’ve never really been a person into scenery and all that, but it was sooo pretty there!

Let’s be real, California is just beautiful in general, there’s just something about the palm trees and all the shiny bodies of blue water surrounding you, that make you feel like you’re in paradise 24/7.

Balboa Park is a hugeee cultural park filled with gardens, museums, theaters, entertainment, fountains, food carts, restaurants, performances and more!

Aralis aka Arizzy and her boyfriend had told me it was big, but once we actually got there I was in shock. It’s 1,200 acres of pure awesomeness.

If you want to see all of Balboa Park, it would easily take you a wholeee day and then some!

Right from the moment you walk through Balboa’s gates you see all the gorgeousness . All of the structures are so exquisite and unique, I could look at them all day.

You can ride these cute pedal carts or the other electric go kart kind. Sadly because of a hater in our group *cough* Aralis *cough* we didn’t ride them lol.

This fountain is definitely one of my favorite things there! It’s one of the main things you see in a lot of pictures of Balboa park. It’s a little smaller in person, but it is still very beautiful, and probably looks gorgeous at night.

There were also many little shops and carts. There were carts for food, desserts, henna, religion, caricatures, etc.

The most interesting one was the religion cart about “Atheism”. Yes, I’ve seen people passing out flyers and answering questions about Christianity and such, but I have never seen Atheists doing it. The guy even asked us if we had any questions lol, but we were good. To each their own.

We also got a chance to see this amazing belly dancer. Some of you may know, but to those of you who don’t I loveee anything that has to do with belly dance. I even took classes for two years when I was in Korea.

At this moment I’m just like omggggg belly dancing yayyy!

After a few minutes of her doing her thing, she picks up a box. I’m over here thinking, what’s in the box? Is that for her tips? Then I’m like OMG what if there’s a snake in the box…nooo way, but then Aralis is like there ain’t no snake in there giving me the side eye and all that. But then…

She pulls a SNAKE out of the box! I was RIGHT…like usual lol. Snakes are cool and everything but I’m not sure I would have that snake wrapped all around my neck like she did. Aralis swore the snake was wrapping around her neck and choking her…it really wasn’t though -_- lol.

It was pretty dope, and definitely intense. She inspired me to get into belly dancing again…one day lol.

Though a few of the gardens were closed, we did get a chance to walk around in this one. If was small, but still nice filled with sooo many pretty and vibrant flowers.

We saw the cutest little bunny!

Even though I might get slapped, I just had to throw this in here. One of my fave and most cutest couples! I loveee and miss themmm!

Balboa Park is such an incredible place. There were all kinds of people from all walks of life just having a good time. There’s so much to do, you won’t be bored! Next time I come to San Diego, I will definitely be going back to explore!


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