San Diego – Pacific Beach

San Diego – Pacific Beach

As someone who loves to travel, there are many countries I plan on visiting. Though, I have recently come to realize that there are many places in my own country that could use some seeing as well.

This specific trip to San Diego was a special one for me. Of course I wanted to go to Cali to explore and soak in the sun, who doesn’t? But one of the main reasons was to spend time with my best friend who I hadn’t seen in 4 years!

I had such an amazing, chill, and fun time in San Diego. Let’s start with my day at Pacific beach!

Pacific Beach

Though there are beaches literally everywhere in San Diego, the one that I went to was Pacific beach.

Pacific beach also known as PB,  is not only the name of the beach, it’s an area in San Diego. With beyond gorgeous houses, lovely palm trees, unique small shops/stores/and restaurants, a dazzling beach, and tons of delightful people, what more could you ask for?

The Actual Beach

Pictured above, my best friend Aralis! Pronounced [Ah-ra-lease]

When we got to the beach around noon, it was already packed with the sun completely blazing down on us. But the sand…the sand was ON FIRE! In normal life, when you get to the beach, you usually take off your shoes to walk in the sand, right? WRONG! Cali life is a little different. I may be a little dramatic…or maybe a lot…but the sand  literally felt like LAVA! The ground legit was lava! I didn’t think I was gonna make it…

After doing the “hot-sand-fast-walk” including a bunch of yells, screams, and maybe a bit of profanity, we laid our blanket out and chilled for a bit. It was pretty crowded filled with people of all ages just having a good time.

After a little while, we went down to the water. Of course it was freezinggg…but it was def better than that hellish sand!

Like usual, the water didn’t take long to get used to. We were at the shore for pretty long just enjoying the sun, cool breeze, and refreshing feel of the waves splashing at our legs and feet.

There is something so serene and mystical about the ocean. I swear if the sun wasn’t trying to melt me like a popsicle I could stay out at the beach all day!

Yes I am a complainer, but I just want to say that some “smart” person forgot to bring the beach umbrella. So she had me out there getting burnt and exposed to all kinds of UV rays lol.

Bathing Suit top and bottom from Old Navy (and on super sale too). 🙂

The only annoying thing about the beach was all the seaweed and other plant life in the water/on the shore. Again, mini drama queen here, but I swear that seaweed was alive and wrapped around my legs trying to trip me, so it could drag me under into the deep blue sea and eat me!

I meannn… it probably wasn’t lol, but if you’re close to the shore you’re gonna see a lottt of those laying around.

Seaweed as food = yesss! Seaweed in the ocean/on the shore trying to kill me = that’s gonna be a nooo from me.

The Pier

Yes I changed my hairstyle like 30 times, but all these pics are from the same day lol.

The pier is so cuteee lol. It looks like something from a vintage 50’s movie. You get an awesome view of the whole beach and ocean from here. Definitely a nice place to take pictures acting like you’re being natural and gazing on thinking about life lol.

If some of you get a little scared walking over bridge type things, the pier might freak you out a bit.

Remember when I said it had a vintage feel? Yeah, and so do the boards that make up the pier, meaning some of them feel a little loose and not so sturdy, and some have been replaced, but at least it shows that there’s a good upkeep on it.

People actually fish on the pier.

Aralis caught this surfer catching a nice wave.

There are also a few little shops and mini vacation homes/rooms along the pier as well. I just loved everything about the pier. Such a classic/chill type of feel about it.

All in all I had a wonderful time at Pacific Beach. Cali beaches definitely have a different vibe than Boston beaches and are 1000 times more beautiful.

I can’t wait to come back to San Diego and explore many more of the amazing beaches the city has to offer!

*Pictures in this post taken by a mix of me and new photographer Aralis!


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