SOS care package from my Mom

I have lived in Korea for a little over 2 and a half years now. Of course I have been home to visit and have had family and friends come visit me, but at this point in time I am feeling very homesick. 🙁 Now don’t get me wrong, my love for Korea is indescribable, but no matter how much you love a place you never forget where you came from. During these dark times there is only one possible thing that can cheer you up…some sort of reminder of home. In my case a care package!

I am so lucky to have such an amazing, supportive, and sweet Mother who is always there for me and definitely there in my times of need! At first the plan was just for my Mom to send me a face cream that I love but can’t find in Korea. But as my Mom listened to my homesick complains and rants almost everyday she knew I needed more. Somehow my package which started off as more of an envelope style with only one item turned into a medium sized box filled to the top. (Thanks Mom!)

My package came really fast! It only took about 4 days to get from Boston to Korea. The estimated time was about 9 days so it was an amazing and pleasant surprise today when it arrived. It feels wonderful to receive a care package when you are in a different country feeling kind of homesick and down. of course I’m super grateful to my Mom, because without her this wouldn’t have been possible. 🙂

There were quite a few items in the box but I’m just going to talk about my three favorites!

1. The Nubian 2 Palette by Juvia’s Place: I am so excited for this palette, I have heard nothing but awesome things about it. The shades are beautiful and very pigmented. This palette is for anyone but especially for women of color since the colors are super vivid and actually show up amazingly on all skin tones.


2. Dove deodorant: Dove deodorant is awesome in general but nothing beats the pomegranate & lemon verbena scent! Definitely my favorite! It will have you smelling like a plate of tropical fruit!


3. Mac lipstick: I honestly feel like every girl should have a red lipstick! This specific shade is Ruby Woo and is so pretty! Like I said in a previous post, we do have MAC in Korea but it’s almost double the price. 🙁

Again, thanks so much Mom! 🙂


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